Trump Tells France’s First Lady: “You’re in Such Beautiful Shape”

The president just can’t seem to help himself.

Michel Euler/AP

While the White House continues to amplify its playbook of lies and dismissals on the latest Russia-related scandal to engulf the presidency, President Donald Trump is in Paris this week continuing a tradition of his own: commenting on women’s physical appearances. 

Unlike his previous demeaning and insulting remarks, this time the president paid what he thought would land as a compliment. While exchanging pleasantries with French President Emmanuel Macron Thursday, Trump was recorded briefly interrupting the conversation to tell First Lady Brigitte Macron, she was in “such good shape.” He did so while gesturing at her body.

“Beautiful,” he added.

Macron is then seen motioning to her American counterpart, First Lady Melania Trump, to take the lead. The footage was captured by the French president’s Facebook account:

Trump has previously defended his habit of disparaging women’s looks as “entertainment,” claiming nobody holds such high regard for women as he does. He allegedly agreed to permit  Melania to get pregnant  on the condition she promptly “get her body back.”