Happy Anniversary, Obamas

Candlesticks are always a nice gift.

Barack and Michelle Obama got married 25 years ago today! 

So look: This is a total stan post, but like I am just going to say that I think they are the cutest couple in the whole world.

I love my parents and they’re great, but they’re both total cheaters and got a divorce back when the ’90s were still “getting started.” Television and movies taught me many things about what love should be like, but aside from my British godparents, the first “live show” of this I saw was in Boston in 2004 when we all met the Obamas at the DNC. 

I don’t have any interesting things to say here other than it was a real pleasure to see them be an adorable family in the White House for eight years with their total adorable kids. The whole family really seemed (and seems) to love each other so much that it really is sweet, and I love it. I don’t mean this as shade to Trump who, like you know, not great, but he seems to love his kids and hopefully he and Melania are happy, but like for millennials Michelle and Barack Obama are the great couple. 

Let’s all buy them some silver candlesticks.