It’s Been a Year Since the Women’s March. Where Are You Now?

Tell us what you were galvanized to do after the march.

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Update: Read the stories we received for this callout here

The Women’s March last year was a momentous event: millions of women and men took to the streets across the country in a show of solidarity. Marchers protested everything from the Trump administration’s proposals for a wall to its potential crackdown on women’s reproductive rights, and called for protections for immigrants and refugees. Estimates vary, but according to the Women’s March website, nearly 5 million people participated in marches worldwide. The Washington Post says it may have been the largest single-day demonstration in US history.

Local anniversary marches and events are being planned for Jan. 20-21 this year, while Women’s March national organizers are kicking off a voter registration tour with a rally on Jan. 21 in Las Vegas.

So now that it’s been almost a year, we want to know if the energy generated from last year’s march inspired you to do something beyond that one day. What did it change for you? Did you make a pledge and keep it? Tell us your story. 

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