Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Promises to Reveal a Trove of Evidence Proving Trump Affair

“We have a litany of more evidence in this case, and it’s going to be disclosed.”

The day after 60 Minutes aired its much-anticipated interview with Stormy Daniels, the adult film star’s attorney took to the morning news shows on Monday to continue pressing Daniels’ case against President Donald Trump as she seeks to void a previous non-disclosure agreement in order to speak publicly about her alleged tryst with Trump. 

The attorney, Michael Avenatti, also reiterated his claim that Daniels possesses a trove of evidence to support her story. His TV blitz showed that the controversy surrounding the alleged affair—and the very real possibility that the Trump campaign violated campaign finance laws to keep Daniels quiet—was far from over. 

“We have a litany of more evidence in this case, and it’s going to be disclosed, and it’s going to be laid bare for the American public,” Avenatti told Good Morning America.

“Direct evidence from President Trump that would prove an affair?” host George Stephanopoulos asked.

“Absolutely,” Avenatti responded. He did not reveal what kind of evidence Daniels might have.

Avenatti, who also appeared on Today and New Day, rejected suggestions that he was being “coy” by teasing the potential trickle of evidence to come. As for what didn’t make the 60 Minutes interview, he said that Daniels had been ready to discuss graphic details about Trump, including describing the president’s genitalia.

Trump, who frequently uses his Twitter account to attack his perceived enemies, has remained conspicuously silent about Daniels. Instead of directly responding to the 60 Minutes sit-down, Trump on Monday opted to attack “fake news” more generally.

Shortly after Daniels’ interview aired Sunday evening, an attorney representing Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, sent a cease and desist letter demanding she retract her claims. The letter also specifically denied one of the explosive claims to emerge from the 60 Minutes appearance, that Daniels was physically threatened in 2011 by an unknown man warning her to stop talking about Trump.