Latin American Newspapers Have No Trouble Calling Out Trump for Keeping Children in Cages

Check out a few of their front pages.

Border Patrol said it was “very uncomfortable” when reporters used the word “cages” to describe the metal, wire structures that are holding children separated from their families at the border. But it seems like the Latin American press didn’t have a problem calling them out for what they are. Many of the major newspapers from Mexico and Central America led with headlines today mentioning them: “Enjaulados Niños Separados en la Frontera” led Honduras’ La Prensa, while Excélsior, a daily newspaper in Mexico City, called out the cages as “indignant.” This comes after a Monday evening briefing when Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen denied that migrant children and their parents were being treated inhumanely at border facilities.

Check out some other front page headlines from the countries where many of these migrants are coming from: