Every Donald Trump Endorsement Is Exactly the Same, Including This One

Crime. Borders. Guns. Vets.

Brian Kempt

Brian Kemp has guns, a truck, and—as of Wednesday—Donald Trump's endorsement.Kemp for Governor/YouTube

President Donald Trump on Tuesday waded into the increasingly nasty Georgia Republican gubernatorial primary and endorsed Secretary of State Brian Kemp ahead of next week’s runoff.

The endorsement is a big boost for Kemp, a politician in the Trump mold who brags in campaign ads about being “so conservative” that he drives a “big truck” so he can, if need be, abduct undocumented immigrants and transport them to back to their countries of origin.

But Kemp shouldn’t get too attached to Trump’s kind words, because they are, with only slight variations, a carbon copy of basically every other endorsement the president ever given over Twitter:

Congrats to all.