Trump Says Sessions Should End the Russia Investigation “Right Now”

The president crosses a new line by urging an immediate halt to the probe.

Olivier Douliery/ZUMA

In an extraordinary tweet Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions to immediately put an end to the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference, claiming that its continuation would “stain” the United States.

While Trump has long lashed out at Sessions over his March 2017 decision to recuse himself from the ongoing probe—a move that came after previously unknown meetings Sessions shared with Russian officials were disclosed—the appeal by the president on Wednesday marks the first time, at least publicly, that he has called on Sessions to effectively reclaim oversight of the special counsel’s investigation and fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump’s tweet assailed Mueller for purported conflicts of interest, even though his attorney Rudy Giuliani was unable to provide details of any supposed conflict when pressed earlier this week. “I can’t tell you. I’m not sure I know exactly what the conflict is,” Giuliani told CNN on Monday. “I have a good idea what it is. It’s one that would have kept me out of the investigation.”

The tweet comes on top of other tweets and public statements by the president that have reportedly become part of Mueller’s investigation into potential violations of statutes governing obstruction of justice.

Echoing remarks Giuliani had made during multiple television interviews earlier in the week, on Tuesday Trump claimed “collusion is not a crime.” The president maintained, however, that he isn’t guilty of it anyway.