Donald Trump Sent a Tweet. It’s Confusing. I Think He Thinks It’s Funny? I Don’t Know. I’m So Tired.

This is a photo of Donald Trump. I found it on the internet. Then I added the red scribble for humor. Seung Il Ryu/Zuma

I honestly don’t know what the hell this tweet even means but I do know that it’s crazy that the leader of the free world sent it!

I am really into spin classes. A thing about those classes is that you have to wear cycling shoes. Those shoes get very smelly. Real cyclists who go outdoors and ride in the elements have told me that a way to deal with that is to put a bit of apple cider vinegar in your shoes. Not too much! But a bit. So now when my cycling shoes smell so bad that I’m embarrassed about it, I put a little apple cider vinegar in them before the next class.

When Trump’s presidency is over, we’re all going to have to get together and buy some industrial size vats of apple cider vinegar.