Michelle Obama’s Book Tour Is Full of Graceful Moments in a Graceless Time

The former first lady just surprised a group of teenage girls in New York City—and it was perfect.

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Michelle Obama has a ridiculously popular new book out right now, and for countless Americans it has served as the slightest of reprieves from the unrelenting, graceless anger of the Trump presidency. And thanks to her book tour, we’re being treated to more moments like this:

Vanity Fair‘s Hilary Weaver reports that Obama surprised a group of 30 teenage girls in New York City’s Lower East Side on Saturday morning, making her appearance shortly after former White House chef Sam Kass asked the girls what they’d serve the former first lady if they were hosting her for dinner.

Obama eventually was the one doing the serving, handing out kale-and-grain bowls before sitting down to chat about healthy food choices, the fact they were meeting in the city’s only girls club, and, charmingly, why she’s not running for president.

It wasn’t the only special appearance Obama has made in recent days: The New York Post‘s Page Six reported Saturday that she recently met up with Parker Curry, the two-year-old girl who became a viral hit thanks to this darling photo of her staring at Obama’s official portrait: