Tulsi Gabbard Released a Map Boasting About Her Supporters. It Makes No Sense.

The Hawaii Democrat’s 2020 presidential campaign launch presents a new crowd-size controversy.

It looks like two can play the crowd size-exaggerating game.

Tulsi Gabbard formally launched her campaign for president on Saturday and, according to an Instagram post from her campaign, more than 3,500 people tuned in at watch parties around the country, including in deep-red pockets of Texas and North Dakota. 

But for a map purportedly showing the locations of Gabbard supporters, some groups of pins look awfully suspicious, as if particular images of clusters were roughly copy-and-pasted in locations across the map.

The Gabbard campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the map’s production, or to a request to provide a list of where watch parties occurred.

Instagram/Mother Jones

The Hawaii congresswoman has had a rocky start to her candidacy since informally launching her long-shot bid last month. Her campaign manager quit last month. After today, the campaign may need a new graphic designer too.