Mother Jones Hires Popular TikTok Creator Garrison Hayes

Mother Jones Hires Popular TikTok Creator Garrison Hayes

Pioneering creator residency injects vitality into news industry

Mother Jones announced the hiring of popular TikTok creator Garrison Hayes for the new position of Creator in Residence.

In this pioneering role, Hayes, 32, will expand upon Mother Jones’ reporting with original explainers and analysis in the trademark irresistible style he developed for his 270,000-plus TikTok audience. His videos are wildly successful—six have garnered more than 1 million views—and span topics such as Black history, white supremacy, celebrities’ hair, climate change, personal grief, and country music.

“I first saw Garrison’s TikTok videos about a year ago and was captivated by how moving, incisive, and often surprising they are,” said Mother Jones Editor-in-Chief Clara Jeffery. “He represents a new generation of exciting storytellers whose well-researched stories are making genuine connections with younger and more diverse audiences and deserve to find a home in American newsrooms.”

Atlanta-raised and Nashville-based, Garrison is an unapologetic book nerd and a former pastor who developed a deep, direct connection with his congregation when called upon to lead their digital strategy during the pandemic. Recently, Garrison became one of 25 people selected for SnapChat’s first-ever Black Creator Accelerator program.