Ben Bagdikian Fellowship Program

The Ben Bagdikian Fellowship Program

So you want to be a journalist. You want to learn how a great magazine comes together, how investigations happen, how awards are won. You want skills, you want experience, you wouldn't mind cash. Well, you've come to the right place. The Ben Bagdikian Fellowship Program offers a crash course in investigative journalism. It also supports emerging journalists and media professionals, allowing them to make invaluable contributions to a high-flying news organization. Mother Jones fellows dive deep into every aspect of a national multimedia outfit—from the making of news to making it pretty, ensuring its impact, and mastering the inner workings of nonprofit publishing.

We used to call some of these positions internships. But in late 2012 we changed the title because this is no entry-level internship—it's both demanding and full of opportunity. Mother Jones sees its fellows as key to our success, and they are given responsibilities (and training) accordingly. (No coffee or laundry errands here!) You should be ready to drill down into complex research, fact-checking, and strategic projects, and have the reporting bona fides or other relevant experience to show you're ready.

Mother Jones fellows go on to do amazing things. Graduates of the program have risen to the top of the media food chain; written books; become staff reporters, columnists, and editors-in-chief; and filled the mastheads of publications ranging from the New York Times and the Washington Post to Wired and Time. Four of Mother Jones' staff reporters (two of whom were recently named Best Emerging Journalists by the Society of Professional Journalists' Northern California chapter) started as fellows, and more than one in five MoJo staffers got their start in the program.

Find out more on these pages and apply if the gig sounds right for you. You'd join us for one of the most challenging, wild, and rewarding experiences of your young career. We'll work you hard and demand your best. And in the end you'll learn a ton, and be our hero.