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Mary Harris "Mother" Jones (1837-1930)

Clara Jeffery Editor-in-Chief

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Online Technology

  • Robert Wise Online Technology Director
  • Taryn Pedigo Technical Project Manager
  • Cameron Adamez, Ben Breedlove, Mikela Clemmons, Jonathan Friedman Web Developers
  • Young Kim Online Systems Coordinator
  • Dylan Di Salvio Ad Ops Manager
  • Amy Auerbach Ad Ops Associate

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Monika Bauerlein Chief Executive Officer

Steven Katz Publisher

Madeleine Buckingham Senior Business Advisor

Public Affairs

  • Elizabeth Gettelman Public Affairs Director
  • Olivia Henry Senior Public Affairs Fellow
  • For media inquiries, or call (415) 321-1740.


  • Khary Brown Associate Publisher, Sales and Marketing
  • Brenden O'Hanlon National Accounts Manager
  • Jamie Maloney Integrated Advertising Sales Representative
  • Jocelyn Giannini Integrated Advertising Sales Manager
  • Brianna Gerard Advertising Sales Coordinator
  • For advertising information, call (415) 321-1700.


  • Laurin Asdal Director of Development
  • Stephanie Green Development Manager, Advancement Program
  • Emily Cozart Regional Director, Major Gifts
  • Allison Stelly Development Manager, Foundations and Special Events
  • Nallaly Jimenez Development Assistant

Mother Jones Investigative Fund
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  • Peter Sanderson Associate Publisher, Consumer Marketing
  • Brian Hiatt Director of Marketing and Membership
  • Shelley Shames Fulfillment Manager
  • Mari Amend Marketing and Membership Coordinator
  • Richard Rhodes Newsstand Management
  • For subscriber customer service, call (800) 438-6656.


  • Michelle Reyes Controller
  • Mitchell Grummon Business Development Manager
  • Cathy Rodgers Business Operations Specialist
  • Lynnea Wool Senior Staff Accountant
  • Zanniab Khan Accounting Assistant


The Foundation For National Progress
The nonprofit FNP publishes Mother Jones magazine and its website and directs the Ben Bagdikian Fellowship Program. Mother Jones produces revelatory journalism that, in its power and reach, seeks to inform and inspire a more just and democratic world.

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