The Future of Energy: Resources

Learn more about the challenges ahead, and about how you can contribute to an energy-smart future.

TreeHugger’s Green Guides on Energy:

The NRDC’s consumer guide to clean energy

The DOE’s solar tips for consumers and Renewable state map of Portfolio Standards

The League of Conservation Voter’s 2007 environmental scorecard

The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association’s primer on residential geothermal

Public Citizen’s
map of nuclear reactors, existing and proposed

Energy Future Coalition’s take on the Smart Grid (PDF)

SolarBuzz’ research on the costs of solar.

DSire USA’s
info on rebates and incentives for renewable energies in your state.

The Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis’
latest research and chats with alternative transportation technologies experts.

Plug In America’s
plug-in hybrid technology primer

Rocky Mountain Institute’s
research on “efficient and restorative” uses of resources, and Amory Lovins’ Hypercar

Green Batteries
on competing battery technologies and how to save money by using rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion batteries.

Peter Barnes’ essay on SkyTrust

IPCC Special Report oncarbon dioxide capture and storage

Union of Concerned Scientists’ Energy Bill Resource Center

NREL’s renewable energy data book

Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development’s research on alternative energy technologies

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