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Climate Change Deniers Without Borders

How American oil money is pumping up climate change skeptics abroad—and how they could derail any progress made in Copenhagen.

| Tue Dec. 22, 2009 7:59 AM EST

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation has supported more than 30 foreign think tanks that espouse skepticism about the science of climate change. Groups in this list promote climate change skepticism or are members of the Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change, which was organized "as a response to the many biased and alarmist claims about human-induced climate change." 
Argentina: La Fundación Atlas 1853
Australia: Institute of Public Affairs; Centre for Independent Studies
Brazil: Instituto Liberdade
Bulgaria: Institute for Market Economics
Burkina Faso: Le Centre des Affaires Humaines
Canada: Frontier Centre for Public Policy
China: Cathay Institute for Public Affairs
Chile: Libertad y Desarrollo
Costa Rica: Asociación de Consumidores Libres 
Czech Republic: Liberální Institut
Denmark: Center for Political Studies
Ecuador: Instituto Ecuatoriano de Economía Política 
Georgia: New Economic School
Ghana: IMANI Center for Policy and Education
Honduras: Instituto Veritas
Hong Kong: Lion Rock Institute
India: Liberty Institute
Israel: Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies
Italy: Instituto Bruno Leoni
Lithuania: Lithuanian Free Market Institute
Nigeria: Initiative for Public Policy Analysis
Pakistan: Alternate Solutions Institute 
Paraguay: Centro Paraguayo Para la Promoción de la Libertad Económica y la Justicia Social
Peru: Instituto de Libre Empresa
Poland: Globalization Institute
Slovakia: Institute of Economic and Social Studies
South Africa: Free Market Foundation
Switzerland: Liberales Institut
Turkey: Association for Liberal Thinking
Venezuela: Centro de Divulgación de Conocimiento Económico Para la Libertad 

Mother Jones reporter Kate Sheppard contributed reporting to this story.

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