Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Win: Instant Analysis

| Fri Oct. 9, 2009 9:21 AM EDT

In the age of the 24-hour news cycle and, more important, twitter, you can quickly get all possible reactions to a story. Here's a sample of some of the most interesting and amusing tweets responding to Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win:

  • AdamSerwer Just woke up and heard aboyt rhe nobel. The right is going to go berzerk today.
  • AdamSerwer No joke obama should turn the nobel peace prize down until he's finished with his two wars.
  • lehmannchris: Biden now convinced he has a shot at the Chemistry prize.
  • basseyworld: Mr. Pres., I'm happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish but Nelson Mandela was the best Peace Prize winner of all time.
  • chrislhayes Kind of happy I'm headed out of the country just when we're about the achieve post-Nobel peak wingnut.

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  • ThePlumLineGS Wow. DNC blisters RNC for criticizing Obama's Nobel, saying GOP has thrown in its lot with the terrorists: http://tinyurl.com/yfrayec
  • marcambinder Matthew Cooper on what Bill Clinton's gotta be thinking.... http://twurl.nl/jvdczn
  • daveweigel BREAKING: Orly Taitz sues Obama, demands proof that he's not actually Nicolae Carpathia.
  • brianbeutler Clearly Obama should appoint an unaccountable Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Czar
  • brianbeutler RT @daveweigel: OK, still laughing at Fark's headline: "Barack Obama linked to terrorist Yasser Arafat"
  • agolis Crappy day to be a newspaper. http://bit.ly/kxDtl
  • AdamSerwer Is there a Nobel for warrantless surveillance? Obama could win that.
  • basseyworld: Mr. Pres., I'm happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish but Nelson Mandela was the best Peace Prize winner of all time.
  • DavidCornDC Nobel committee: take that, George W. Bush! #nobel #barackobamawins
  • DavidCornDC Michelle Bachmann calls for international boycott of Sweden.
  • DavidCornDC Obama to wear #NobelPeacePrize medal at next SitRoom meeting on #Afghanistan.
  • DavidCornDC Glenn Beck notes last sitting president of major nation to win #NobelPeacePrize: Gorbachev of Soviet Union. Put 2 and 2 together, people.
  • AdamSerwer I wonder who's going to be the first righty to complain about affirmative action?
  • brianbeutler Ah racists: RT @ewerickson: I did not realize the Nobel Committee had affirmative action quotas it had to meet.
  • AdamSerwer Erick erickson wins the wingnut "obama won the nobel cuz of affirmative action" prize
  • brianbeutler It's almost as if @ewerickson doesn't realize there are whole continents of people that aren't majority white: http://bit.ly/KML6s
  • jimgeraghty: I believe this is the first Nobel Peace Prize ever awarded to a world leader born in Kenya.
  • yunjid Called WH aide, 545am. Aide: "Yunji, this better be good" me: "potus won nobel prize" aide: "oh, that is good"
  • ezraklein Obama also awarded Nobel prize in chemistry. "He's just got great chemistry," says Nobel Committee.
  • DavidCornDC It's a streak: last two Dem. pres. nominees to win popular vote also win #NobelPeacePrize. (Bill Clinton feels left out?)
  • DavidCornDC Last US official in charge of a war to win #NobelPeacePrize: Henry Kissinger (1973). That turned out well.
  • ezraklein How long till the Nobel Committee just gives up the ghost and names "you!" the winner of the peace prize?
  • KagroX: 1 year later: Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize; Palin's daughter's baby daddy appearing nude in Playgirl.
  • MattGertz High level of crazy today. Very exciting.
  • ezraklein Think the Right is mad now? Wait till Obama donates his winnings to ACORN.
  • kate_sheppard Clearly late to this game, but would like to direct an obligatory WTF to the Nobel Committee.
  • glenngreenwald RT @normative "Gratified, if a little surprised, that it appears nobody is actually sufficiently hackish to defend this"//day is still early
  • kate_sheppard After winning an effing peace prize Obama better show up in Copenhagen in December. #COP15
  • brianbeutler Conservatives last week: Hooray, America failed! Conservatives this week: Boo, America succeeded :(
  • kate_sheppard RT @HumanityCritic ...people at Nobel saw all the assholes cheering Chicago's failed Olympic bid and said, "Lets fuck with the wingnuts"
  • mattyglesias They should institute a Nobel Prize for driving conservatives crazy.