Your Mother: The very best in the business!

But you already knew that. The American Journalism Review recently dubbed MoJo the “Best in the Business” for magazine investigative reporting. We’re in good company: The two other winners in the investigative category were ABC News and the Wall Street Journal. But while the inimitable Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes,” in accepting his program’s award for best TV newsmagazine, suggested that the media has been too hard on Newt Gingrich–particularly in failing to acknowledge the popularity of his new ideas, we accepted our award in recognition of an old idea: giving voice to the voiceless. ABC’s Ted Koppel, meanwhile, said he had started Gingrich off with a “free shave” interview, and asked if we didn’t feel inclined to give Newt a similar honeymoon. “How many critical stories have you run on him since the election?” he inquired. We replied, “Five or six.” “Well,” said Koppel, “for Mother Jones, that’s restraint.”

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