The Countdown to Indictment Continues

What’s in a photo?

Nancy Johnson, on the right in the New York Times photo, is head of the House committee investigating ethics charges against Newt Gingrich, seen on the left. They are congratulating each other on the passage of a House bill that would slash $270 billion from Medicare. As we reported in Mother Jones (July/August 1995), Johnson, a Republican from Hartford, Conn., is a top recipient of campaign money from insurance companies. Her legislative priority? A program for privatizing Medicare that Gingrich pushed through the House. As our “MediKill” investigation indicates, Gingrich’s Medicare cuts are intended to drive more seniors to private insurance plans, and away from the public Medicare system. If that happens, Johnson’s campaign donors stand to collect billions in federal money. Meanwhile, despite accumulating evidence of misconduct, the Gingrich ethics investigation remains stalled in Johnson’s committee. No wonder they’re smiling. Stay tuned for details.

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