Look Who’s Buying Nukes Now — Gallery

Photographs by Timothy Rice from his series titled “Living With the Cloudmakers.”

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A Salem, N.J. nuclear power plant, viewed from Augustine Beach in Port Penn, Del.
U.S. nuclear plants produce $40 billion worth of energy each year, accounting for 20 percent of the U.S. energy supply.
The Three Mile Island plant in Middletown, Pa.
There are 110 nuclear power plants currently operating in the U.S. The Department of Energy predicts that 50 of these will close by 2015.
Limerick Generating Station in Limerick, Pa., viewed from neighboring Pottstown.
Nuclear energy costs $2.04 per kilowatt-hour; fossil fuels cost $2.11 per kwh; hydropower costs $.059 per kwh.
The Salem Nuclear Generating Station, viewed from nearby Augustine Beach.
Between 1968 and 1994, nuclear power plants produced 30,000 metric tons of uranium waste.