So long Old Sparky, hello ‘death chair’

For those saddened by the imminent demise of the electric chair, fear not. A new type of chair is already filling the void as the most feared piece of furniture in US prisons, THE PROGRESSIVE reports.

The restraint chair — better known to inmates as the “devil’s chair,” “torture chair,” or “slave chair” — is designed to subdue violent prisoners who pose a threat to themselves or others. But, according to a wide array of sources, a trip to the chair can be a lot worse than a simple “time-out.”

At least 11 prisoners died under questionable circumstances after being strapped to restraint chairs; prisoners have been tortured, pepper-sprayed and beaten in the chairs and left in the chairs virtually unable to move for as long as eight days; inmates and detainees have been stripped down and strapped into the chairs nude.

Recently, Amnesty International called for a federal investigation into the use of the restraint chair.