The Corporate White House

Industry interests helped put George Bush in the White House, and corporations are happily reaping the rewards of that relationship.

A Confederacy of Cronies

November/December 2002 Issue
Ruling by corporate fiat is no way to run a democracy. But that’s all George W. Bush knows.

Course Correction Required

November 18, 2002
Democrats need to stop playing me-too politics and challenge the GOP on its weakest flank — its subservience to its big corporate paymasters.

Unjust Rewards

May/June 2002 Issue
The government continues to award federal business worth billions to companies that repeatedly break the law. A Mother Jones investigation reveals which major contractors are the worst offenders.

Counting Caribou

May/June 2001 Issue
The industry-friendly Bush-Cheney oil drilling plan could endanger the Arctic’s largest caribou herd — and the people who depend on it.

The Texas Solution

July/August 2001 Issue
The federal government is facing a glut of radioactive waste — and a contract to bury some of it could be worth millions to one of George W. Bush’s top fundraisers.

The Mother Jones 400: Campaign Inflation

March 5, 2001
Industry pumped in a record 696 million dollars to elect George W. Bush and a GOP Congress. The Mother Jones 400 reveals the nation’s top contributors — and what they expect in return.

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