Expense Reports

Rudy Giuliani
Karl Rove-related consulting firm Olsen & Shuvalov: $3,862,354
Moby Dick Airways: $288,448
Used Furniture Outlet: $13,558
Fatheadz eyewear: $1,400

Hillary Clinton
Strategist Mark Penn: $1,860,611
Donation refunds: $1,778,494
Merchandise vendor Financial Innovations: $611,000 (see “Merch to Victory”)

Joe Biden
Articulated Man web design: $8,443

Ron Paul
Peters Cut Rate Liquor: $259
DJ Dad/MC Mom, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: $100

Fred Thompson
Sentimental Journeys limousine company: $13,082

Alan Keyes
Donation refunds: $25,302 (54% of total expenditures)

Barack Obama
Former Kerry consultants GMMB: $3,518,225
Strategist David Axelrod: $704,630
Blue Turtle Yoga: $20

John Edwards
Torrenueva Hair Designs, Beverly Hills (listed under “Political Consultants”): $800
Office supplies from Iowa Prison Industries: $346
Torrenueva Hair Designs, Beverly Hills (listed under “Political Consultants”): $800

Mike Huckabee
Mattress King: $963
Christian Party Rental: $846

Mitt Romney
Photography: $114,528 (includes $4,358 for framing)
RV for his five sons: $61,436

Duncan Hunter
“Flag Expense”: $764

Source: Center for Responsive Politics; FEC

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