PHOTOS: Top 10 Mega-Mansions of the Filthy Rich

Blogger Kenny Forder chronicles the real estate indulgences of the super wealthy on his blog, Homes of the Rich. Here are his top 10 picks.
Fair Field

"I've always had a fascination with the wealthy and how they live," says Kenny Forder, the 21-year-old blogger behind Homes of the Rich, which he bills as "The World's #1 Luxury Real Estate Blog." Forder, who shares a duplex with his mom and twin sister, says he's been going to open houses since he was 15. If that seems a bit surprising, so too might his inspiration for the blog. Despite chronicling some astonishing indulgences—15-car garages, lavish indoor spas80-foot-long discos"water sports courts"—Forder doesn't see his popular site as political, even in the era of Occupy Wall Street. In fact, he dreams of his own abode worthy of the 1 percent. Click here to learn more, or click through this slideshow for 10 of Forder's favorite mansions and his descriptions of them.