In 2006, according to the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of Americans saw "solid evidence" for global warming. By this fall, that figure had dropped to 57 percent—and just 36 percent said they believed that humans are to blame. That's good news for climate change skeptics and deniers, who have spent years trying to perpetuate the illusion that the reality of climate change is up for debate. Never mind that the scientific consensus is firmly on the side of global warming—for anyone seeking an alternate view, there's an entire parallel universe where junk science and bogus statistics ricochet through an echo chamber of kooky blogs, "nonpartisan" institutes, and fake "green" and "citizen" groups that are often acting on behalf of the oil and coal industry.

With Copenhagen kicking off and the overblown "Climategate" scandal making headlines, the deniers have even more fodder for their campaign to kill serious action to slow climate change.

Here's a guide to the dozen loudest components of the climate disinformation machine.

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