Strains of Resistance

The evolution of anti-vaccine arguments.





Mercury-containing preservative thimerosal in vaccines causes autism.


Advocacy group SafeMinds, Robert Kennedy Jr., et al.

Five studies find no link; autism rates stay constant after mercury-containing vaccines pulled.

Measles-mumps-rubella (mmr) shot causes autism.


British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield

14 studies find no link; Wakefield’s research funded by lawyers suing vaccine makers.

Aluminum salts in vaccines affect mental development.

Since the ’90s

Baby guru Dr. Robert W. Sears

There’s about as much aluminum in the average vaccine as in a quart of formula.

Vaccines deprive immune system of needed workout.

Since 1970s

Some alternative medicine practitioners including followers of Waldorf originator Rudolf Steiner

Immune system gets plenty of action from everyday germs.

Vaccines may create new disease organisms.

Since 1960s

Perennial concern of vaccine developers

No “replacement diseases” have ever arisen, but possibility exists.

Vaccines are spiritual pollution.

Since 18th c.

Some Rosicrucians, others


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