Against Nepotism

This is a bipartisan plea. Can we stop with the scions of powerful families grabbing vacant positions for themselves? That means no Jeb Bush, who is considering a run for a Florida Senate seat; it means no Caroline Kennedy, who is apparently a contender to fill Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate seat; and frankly, it also means no Terry McAuliffe, the Clintons’ close confidant and former money man who is weighing a run for governor of Virginia despite being from New York state. If there was ever a time that the American people said decisively that they want new blood in Washington, it’s now. Let’s not perpetuate the old boys club in the face of that.

Update: Since none of the individuals mentioned in this post is getting a job directly from a relative, the title would probably be more accurate if it was “Against Legacies.” But I’m going to embrace a broader, more colloquial definition of “nepotism” and leave it as is. Just, uh, in case you were wondering.