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Mark came to Mother Jones in 2007 with a background as a freelance editorial and documentary photographer. He studied photography at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and then in London as a student winner of the Alexia Foundation Photography Grant. Prior to becoming a photographer, Mark wrote a weekly column in the Indianapolis Star, co-edited the long-running San Francisco-based punk magazine Maximumrocknroll and worked as a Sr. Editor at the Internet music service Rhapsody.

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Quick Reads: "Do Not Sell at Any Price" by Amanda Petrusich

| Tue Jul. 22, 2014 6:00 AM EDT
Do Not Sell at Any Price

Do Not Sell at Any Price

By Amanda Petrusich


Once you get past the overexplaining of vinyl-era terms (gatefold album cover, etc.), Amanda Petrusich's first-person foray into the weird world of 78 rpm collectors is an engrossing romp that illuminates this cartoonish slice of nerddom so aptly portrayed in the movie Crumb. She catches the bug, too, embarking on a quest for 100-year-old Paramount blues 78s that takes her to flea markets and record swaps, although not, like one of her sources, to the bottom of the Milwaukee River. This obsession, Petrusich ultimately divines, is rooted as much in the (perhaps unattainable) sense of authenticity and passion crackling up from those vinyl grooves as in the earthly desire to own something rare.

This review originally appeared in our July/August issue of Mother Jones. 

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