Mark North
Mark is a San Francisco Bay Area-based writer, transportation business consultant, and philanthropist. Mark's business background is in international container shipping and freight transportation. He began in the finance/leasing sector of the industry but in 1983 established and for 11 years served as the executive secretary of an international trade association representing the interests of transportation equipment repair companies. In 1988 Mark founded a corporation that established a standards-based transaction-processing network for global tracking of containers. After selling the business to Sterling Commerce, a division of SBC Corporation, in 1999, he led Sterling's US West Coast Strategic Sales team for 18 months before leaving to pursue opportunities in writing and publishing. Over the past four years, Mark has been involved with several Bay Area nonprofits, including Sports for Kids, The East Bay Community Foundation, Destiny Arts Center, Youth Speaks, and East Oakland Boxing Association. In 2005, Mark began publishing (the now-dormant) Old Trout magazine, “a satirical journal of political delusions, truthiness, celebrity antics, and cultural nonsense.”

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