I Am the Ghost of Barry Eichengreen

| Tue Aug. 20, 2013 11:21 AM EDT

Today's nerd game of the moment is "Which Economist Are You?" This involves answering questions that have previously been posed as part of the IGM Economic Experts Panel and then seeing which economist your answers match best. I got bored after 19 questions, and then skipped around and answered a few more randomly. The machine appears to think I am most like Barry Eichengreen, which is pretty good company, I think, so I'm happy. You can try it out yourself here.

FUN NOTE: If you go down the list and blindly agree ("strongly agree," actually) with the first 20 questions, then you are Hyun Song Shin. If you strongly disagree with the first 20 questions, you are Hyun Song Shin. If you are uncertain about all 20, you are Hyun Song Shin. Apparently Hyun Song Shin is the ideal median economist.

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