News flash: Radical activism can be fun! This gut-busting documentary follows the antics of two political performance artists who set up a website parody of the World Trade Organization in 1999. To their delight, the site has often been mistaken for the genuine article and has earned the faux free traders invitations from around the world to speak on behalf of the WTO. The Yes Men documents the hilarious results.

The duo promote ever more ludicrous ideas—auctioning votes to the highest bidder, for instance—and are shocked to find that their proposals are met not with outrage but applause. The only group to recoil in horror are students at Plattsburgh University, where the "WTO reps" propose solving world hunger by routing "recycled" food from sewer pipes in the First World to fast food restaurants in the Third World.

How do these jokers get away with it? As the Yes Men offer on their website, "Anytime anyone [in power] has done something about us—saying they 'deplore' us, complaining we're a political action committee, whatever—they've looked ri- diculous to the press." We'll see what happens after The Yes Men is released nationwide in August.