Thanks for Asking

Apsci. Quannum Projects.

He’s a street-smart rapper from the Bronx. She’s a classically trained singer of Filipino-Australian descent. No, it’s not the premise for a lame sitcom. Apsci’s exhilarating debut album stars spouses Ra LaMotta, a master of brisk, conversational rhymes, and Dana Diaz-Tutaan, who can soar to Björkian heights or grind out a funky groove Mary J. Blige would dig. Thanks for Asking unleashes a thrilling, nonstop ruckus, setting the joyous give-and-take of the pair’s overlapping voices against chattering electronic beats that never settle into a predictable pattern. From the thumping, nostalgic “Bike Messenger Diaries” to the dreamy-yet-skittish “Cherubic” to the cartoon urgency of “Stompin’,” Apsci creates the illusion that you’re eavesdropping on vital lives in constant motion.

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