One Right-Winger's Terrible List of "Top 10 Conservative Movies"

| Fri Jan. 13, 2012 3:10 PM EST
It's a great movie. Just don't ask your buddies in the ACLU to critique it.

Three basic facts of life: The planet you live on isn't cooling, you should never forget to bring a towel, and conservative commentators aren't very good at putting together lists of conservative things.

When John J. Miller of National Review compiled his "50 greatest conservative rock songs" in 2006, his selections—which for some odd reason included "Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith—were so often perceived as baseless that the hoopla even provoked a response from the guy who wrote the No. 1-listed tune (a fact Miller clearly relished). On Human Events' 2005 list of "Most Harmful Books" written in the 19th and 20th centuries, Darwin and John Stuart Mill are put in the same ballpark as Hitler and Mao.

And on Wednesday, conservative Brit Nile Gardiner trotted out his rundown of "The top 10 conservative movies of the modern era" in a blog post for the Telegraph. Gardiner writes that these movies "can be taken to heart [by conservatives] in both the United States and Great Britain," and that they "celebrate conservative values, the defence of the free world, deep-seated patriotism and individual liberty." He also insists that the films promote capitalism and are sure to "offend Left-wing sensibilities." (Click here for another one of Gardiner's crushingly lame top-ten lists, this one targeting the Obama administration.)

Amazingly, Red Dawn doesn't even get an honorable mention!

As my colleague Adam Serwer jokingly points out, it might at first glance seem like the "overwhelming majority of these films are about kicking the shit out of brown people" (i.e. Zulu, Black Hawk Down, 300, Tears of the Sun, and so on).

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