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The House of Representatives voted this week to reprimand Newt and fine him $300,000 for his ethics violations. While the ethics committee and the House were coming to their decision, we asked you, our readers, to vote on how you would like to see him punished. Here are the results of our poll:

    30% Expelled from the House of Representatives.
    23% Censured.
    16% Forced to serve one, four month internship at Mother Jones.
    11% Forced to attend two semesters of his own course.
    6% Officially reprimanded.
    14% Other

For more than ten years, Mother Jones and the MoJo Wire have been keeping an eye on Newt. And now that Newt has pled guilty to the Ethics Committee charges, read the stories that broke the story. Plus, take a look at the documents that got Newt tangled up in his own contradictions.

Loan Officer for the Corporate Welfare State
The Dole loan: Will tobacco bail out Newt so Newt will bail out tobacco?

Bipartisans in Crime
Are both Democrats and Republicans above the law? A special commentary on the Gingrich case by Mother Jones magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Jeffrey Klein.

More Bang for Their Buck
Find out just who benefitted from Newt’s nonprofit empire.

On Further Examination
Did House Ethics Chair Nancy Johnson give Gingrich’s lawyer an inappropriate pat on the back? Check out the C-SPAN video and decide for yourself.

A Ventriloquist?
When Gingrich’s signature appeared on a letter denying GOPAC involvement with his college course, he initially dodged responsibility. But now we’ve got him on tape…

Will Newt Fall?
Mother JonesJuly/August 1995 feature story on Gingrich. Here’s the story that started it all. Read about the ethics charges against Newt, and how he may have used his position to slow down the investigation.

Perspective on the Gingrich Case: Keep Charity Clear of Politics
A laywer asks: Are the charges against Gingrich serious? Is the tax law he is alleged to have violated important? Should the average citizen care?

Newt’s Contradictions
Read the full-text documents of two of Newt’s letters to the Ethics Committee: watch him admit that GOPAC paid for course preparation, and then do a complete turn-around a mere two months later.

Countdown to Indictment: A MoJo Wire Timeline
The House Ethics Committee has hired an outside counsel to investigate possible ethics violations by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Read our articles and letters that helped expose Newt’s questionable activities.

Following Newt’s Money
The MoJo Wire’s special section describing Newt’s campaign financing front, including GOPAC. Get a list of top GOPAC contributors, with bios by the MoJo Wire investigative team.

Mother Jones’ special supplement on Newt Gingrich
Read the 1984 and 1989 articles that “scooped the world on Newt Gingrich,” according to his ex-wife. Read the article that asked, “will Newt be the next victim of his own paranoid style?”

Newt Exposed
The MoJo Wire reproduces full-size scans of some of the juicier documents the Federal Elections Commission acquired in its investigation of Newt Gingrich and his former political action committee GOPAC, such as Kansas City Developer and GOPAC donor Miller Nichols’ letter to Newt. Nichols gave GOPAC nearly $60,000; what did he want back?

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