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Cross Purposes

The Red Cross promotes questionable products to hospitals.

One manufacturer of unregistered disinfectants has found an unlikely ally: the American Red Cross.

In July 1996, the nationally respected health organization launched the Red Cross Preferred program, which enables 3,000 Red Cross-affiliated U.S. hospitals to buy discounted products and services through a special catalog. One of the 19 companies appearing in the first catalog was Safetec of America Inc., a Buffalo, N.Y., manufacturer of infection control products. And among the products offered by Safetec in its full-page ad was EZ-Cleans wipes, an unregistered product.

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After the Environmental Protection Agency twice ordered Safetec to stop marketing EZ-Cleans wipes, the company dropped the product from its lineup in the second (spring 1997) Red Cross Preferred catalog -- only to replace it with an unregistered disinfectant, the S.O.S. Hard Surface Wipe, which was listed under the category "EPA reg. Disinfectants & Cleaners." And the S.O.S. wipe isn't the only unregistered Safetec product promoted in the catalog: There are also two unregistered disinfectant absorbent powders, used for cleaning up blood in hazardous situations, as well as emergency first-aid kits that include unregistered disinfectant wipes.

Informed that the catalog was advertising unregistered products, Red Cross Preferred spokesman Michael Fulwider said, "These products are not Red Cross products. This is a catalog of companies that are willing to offer discounts on their products to hospitals that the Red Cross services." He also pointed out the fine print at the bottom of the catalog's contents page: "Red Cross does not guarantee, warrant, or endorse the goods or services of any of the companies participating in Red Cross Preferred."

But the shiny red-and-white catalog certainly appears to be endorsing these products, with the Red Cross Preferred logo prominently displayed on each page. (Asked what the catalog means by "preferred," Fulwider responded, "I have no idea.")

Fulwider says companies must pay a membership fee to be in the catalog. "But that's just to defray some of the costs," he says. "This is not a moneymaking venture for the Red Cross." He would not disclose the amount of the fee.

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