Maybe Ken’s a Libertarian

Why miss any of the fun? Why not go to both the Republican and Democratic conventions? I mean, what’s the difference anyway?

None at all, if you’re Barbie. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s INQUIRER MAGAZINE reports that Mattel will be sending free Convention Barbies to 5,000 GOP convention delegates before the festivities in Philadelphia next week, and another version of the doll-as-delegate to the Dems’ confab in August. Convention Barbie comes with a convention pass, a crisp suit (red for the GOP, blue for the Democrats), and high heels, but no Ken.

Barbie may be getting involved, but her political goals, like her eyes, remain a tad unfocused. In addition to serving as a delegate at both conventions, she’s running for president as the Party for Girls candidate (although one wonders how she’ll juggle foreign affairs with her other careers as a dentist and professional soccer player, among other things.) Her positions on the issues have yet to be announced, but we’re betting bendable knees will be a top agenda item in the Barbie Administration.