Qatar: Military

Major US Military Bases1 Pre-Gulf War: None

Post-Gulf War: Al Udeid AB, Camp As Sayliyah

Minor US Military Bases1 Pre-Gulf War: None

Post-Gulf War: Doha

US Military Personnel Stationed 10/14/20001 Fewer than 50 Army support personnel, managing prepositioned equipment, including M-1A1 Abrams tanks, M-2A2 Bradley fighting vehicles, and armored personnel carriers.
US Military Personnel Stationed as of 2/27/031 About 4,500 personnel, mostly from the Army. Dozens of combat aircraft and aerial tankers are stationed at Al Udeid air base The air base can accommodate almost 100 aircraft, and has the longest runway in the region.
Military Expenditures, 20002 $732 million
Military Expenditures as Percentage of GDP2 10%
US Military Arms Sales (Delivered) 1990-20013 $13.5 million

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