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Additional articles on the Pentagon’s overseas strategy, plus a series of related dispatches from more than a dozen US military thinkers and authors.

More on overseas bases, US global strategy, and the war in Iraq:

Mission Creep: Expert Dispatches
We asked Robert Kaplan and other top military thinkers to give their two cents on topics related to global Pentagon strategy. Here were their responses.

Is Perpetual War Our Future?
Drawing the wrong lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan.

By Andrew Bacevich

Iraq Base Makeover: “The Numbers Are Staggering”
As most of the media snoozed, the US spent billions building and upgrading its wartime megabases.

By Tom Engelhardt

The Colossus of Baghdad
The US embassy in Iraq is among the wonders of the imperial world.
By Tom Engelhardt

U.S. Out Now! How?
It started as Bush’s war, but we all own it now—and it’s time we took a hard look at what that means.

IRAQ 101
Deconstructing the war, and what it’s costing us.

Digging In
If the US government doesn’t plan to occupy Iraq for the long term, why is it spending billions of dollars to build “enduring” bases?

By Joshua Hammer

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