US Mass Shootings, 1982-2015: Data From Mother Jones' Investigation

The full data set from our in-depth investigation into mass shootings. Plus: additional cases from 2013-15.

| Fri Dec. 28, 2012 4:40 PM EST

[Editor's note: The original dataset covered 1982-2012 and has since been expanded through 2015. For more context and analysis, see our Guide to Mass Shootings in America.]

Update, December 3, 2015: We have updated this database with the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, in which 14 were killed and 21 others were wounded.

Update, October 2, 2015: We have updated this database with the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, in which nine were killed and nine others were wounded.

Update, July 16, 2015: We've added the mass shooting at a military site in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which left four dead and three others wounded.

Update, June 18, 2015: In the aftermath of mass shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, which left nine dead, we've updated this database with three additional cases: two from 2014, and the attack in Charleston. (Other recent public shooting attacks, such as the rampage at Fort Hood in April 2014, another in Isla Vista, California in May 2014, and another on a bridge in Wisconsin in May 2015, have not been included because there were fewer than four victims shot to death in each of those cases. For more about that distinction and its limitations, see this piece and this piece.)

Update, September 16, 2013: Twelve people were killed and eight others injured in a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday. The incident is the fifth mass shooting in the US this year. Details of the additional cases from 2013 are included on our mass shootings map and in our our full data set below.

Since we began our investigation into mass shootings following the attack in Aurora, Colorado, in July 2012, we've heard from numerous readers, academic researchers, legislative aides, law enforcement officials, and others wanting access to our full dataset. We have published it below, including links to sources. You can also download this data in CSV, XLS, or TXT formats, or click here for the full Google spreadsheet view. (The embedded version below does not support expanding the cells to see the full text in some places, but you can access it these other ways.)

Update, February 13, 2013: We've gathered additional information on the shooters' weapons, now reflected in the dataset below. More details and our updated analysis are in this story. For additional context and analysis from the investigation, click here, and for our full special report on gun laws and mass shootings, click here.