How to Leak to Us

Mother Jones has a long track record of fairly and responsibly reporting sensitive stories, from the 47 percent recording in 2012 to the Steele memos in 2016, to embedding a reporter in a private prison. We fact-check the hell out of our reporting, and we respect and protect our sources.

Here are a few ways you can get in touch to send us tips or documents. 

  • Our email address for tips is You can find our staff list, which includes email and Twitter information for individual reporters and editors, here.
  • If you want a more secure channel than regular email, you can email us via secure Protonmail (you’ll need a free account for yourself) at mother_jones_mag at 
  • You can also reach us via the encrypted Signal app. (It’s very easy to download and use on your phone.) You can send tips (Signal messages only) to 202-809-1049. (Keep in mind that when you use encrypted tools, the content of your message is encrypted, but the contact information is not always. You may want to use an anonymous account if that’s a concern.)
  • Another option—surprise—is regular mail. Without a warrant, no one can open your mail in transit. You can mail us paper documents or digital information (for example on a thumb drive). Our mailing address is:
    Mother Jones
    P.O. Box 584
    San Francisco, CA 94104-0584

How to know if you’ve got a good tip

  • Is it specific? In order to investigate something, we need a solid starting point. “You should look into what’s happening to the EPA” is less helpful than, “The EPA administrator’s travels are being reviewed internally.” 
  • Is it news? Will people be surprised to find out about it? Is it relevant to a person or issue of public concern?
  • Do you have evidence to back up your claim? Documentation is critical for any investigation. If you don’t have it yourself, please share anything you know about how we might find it (e.g. “file a FOIA request for X”).