Mother Jones Magazine Cover : January + February 2024

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  • Hoarding
  • Kleptonation

    Anonymous shell companies, secret trusts, money-laundering enablers—how the United States stashes the world’s shady cash

  • It’s Raining Ben

    $100 bills are fueling international crime and corruption. So why are we printing more than ever?

  • Trustbusters

    The Biden administration wants to take on monopolies. Can Teddy Roosevelt’s toolkit still work?

  • Influencing
  • Defective Altruism

    Philanthropy in America is broken—and we’re all paying the price.

  • The Giving Hedge

    Since 2010, some 241 of the world’s richest people and couples have committed to giving away at least half of their fortunes. The Giving Pledge starts with a simple premise: Collective giving, in the words of co-founder Bill Gates, can “help the world become a better place.” You be the judge.

  • Anti-Woke Index

    “Woke capitalism” has become a right-wing obsession—thanks to Vivek Ramaswamy and some arch-conservative billionaires.

  • Champagne Problems

    The obscenely wealthy ladies of reality TV center what’s really important: dog birthday parties.

  • Dominating
  • Musk, USA

    How Elon Musk is transforming the Lone Star State into a company town

  • Trump’s Gambit

    Donald Trump doesn’t just want to be an oligarch. He wants to rule them.

  • Killer Robots

    Silicon Valley has a new way to argue that greed is good. And it just might kill us all.

  • Treasure Island

    The discreet retreat where the elite meet to beat the heat

  • Brain Freeze

    Can billionaires disrupt death?

  • Oligarchy of Information

    Today’s plutocrats are mining you.