Dem Joyce Elliott Will Take On Bush-Era US Atty. Tim Griffin

The Democrats have their candidate to take on former US attorney Tim Griffin, a Karl Rove protege who was a key figure in the US attorneys scandal. Joyce Elliott, the Dem majority leader in the Arkansas state senate, won a runoff against Robbie Wills, the Dem leader in the lower chamber. She will face Griffin in the race to replace retiring Rep. Vic Snyder. Elliott was the more liberal candidate, and the primary wasn’t very nice. Here’s one of her ads, responding to a Wills attack:

A diarist on the liberal website Swing State Project notes that Elliott is “probably not as good a matchup for Dems” as the more conservative Wills. When lefty bloggers are worried about picking the more-liberal candidate, you know they really want to beat the Republican. Here’s a whole bunch of reasons why: