Here’s an Adorable Video of a Baby Tree Kangaroo Taking Its First Hops

Yup. So, so cute.

Here at Mother Jones, we get that Sundays are best spent relaxing, hanging out with friends and family, and avoiding the daily deluge of troubling news before a new work week begins.

That’s where this viral video of a baby tree kangaroo comes in.

Taronga Zoo, in Sydney, Australia, this month released a video of a Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo joey taking its first few hops, before quickly retreating to mom’s pouch. The zoo calls the male joey “the newest member of the Taronga family” but the little guy has yet to be named by zookeepers. The endangered species is related to Australia’s beloved kangaroos, but is native to Papua New Guinea, and lives in trees.

Just look at this video. I’ve watched this 9 times already.