“Lily Pads” Are the Latest Attempt to Make Old Iraq Strategy Look New

Excellent news out of Iraq today:

The United States is considering establishing additional military bases in Iraq to combat the Islamic State, the top American general said on Thursday, a move that would require at least hundreds more American military advisers to help Iraqi forces retake cities lost to the militant Sunni extremist group.

….Speaking to reporters aboard his plane to Naples, Italy, General Dempsey described a possible future campaign that entailed the establishment of what he called “lily pads” — American military bases around the country from which trainers would work with Iraqi security forces and local tribesmen in the fight against the Islamic State.

“Lily pads.” Isn’t that soothing? So reminiscent of Monet. I’m sure this will be the very last troop increase and we’ll have ISIS mopped up in no time.