There are several steps you can take to help stop the flow of lethal products dumped by corporations.

If you work for a corporation that is dumping hazardous products abroad, tell us. Please supply copies of company documents if possible. We’ll keep your name totally confidential — or you can write us anonymously, if you prefer. Write: Dumping Investigation, Mother Jones, 625 Third Street, San Francisco, California 94107.

  • Send your Senators and Representatives a copy of this issue or a reprint (available through MJ). Ask them to tell you what legislation they plan to introduce to ban dumping. Tell them you think the dumping of dangerous or lethal products should carry criminal penalties.
  • If you know anyone in any position of influence in any Third World country, send him or her a magazine or reprint. Pressure from African, Asian and Latin American countries will be a major force in getting the U.S. government to ban dumping.
  • The dumping of the dangerous contraceptive Depo-Provera is being fought by the National Women’s Health Network, Suite 105, 2025 I Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006. They can use help of all kinds, especially contributions to their efforts.