March/April 1997

Natural Capitalism

  • Capital Gains

    Mother Earth provides commerce with trillions of dollars in services.

  • Resource Waste

    From Sunday papers to toothpaste tubes, America fills the world’s biggest trash can.

  • Social Waste

    Can the world really sustain 1 billion un- and underemployed people?

  • Our Lost Wealth

    With a growing economy, why can’t we pay for decent schools or elderly care?

  • Magic Carpet

    Why buy a carpet when you can lease one that stays new forever?

  • Hypercar

    In the next few years, look for a new superstrong car that gets up to 200 mpg.

  • How business can restore rather than destroy our environments, natural and social.


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Condom Bust; Update: Corn-ered Market, Social Security; Nicole Hollander: The Nightmare; Back-scratch Fever; MoJo’s April Hellraiser!; As the World Spins


Community farming—it delivers.


Poet laureate Robert Hass on literacy.


George Carlin

George on what’s wrong with Mickey Mouse, baby boomers, and political activism.

Gloria Feldt

Planned Parenthood president.


Resources for advanced hellraising.


Lean, green fighting machine.
PLUS: Letters to Paula


World With a View

Award-winning photographs from Russia—and Iran, China, and Brazil—with love.

Cease Fire

Embattled NRA lobbyist Tanya Metaksa lets her guard down.

Meet a Potato

It’s been mashed, boiled, fried, and genetically altered. What’s next for the spud?