Mother Jones Magazine Cover : July + August 2024

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  • 40 Acres and a Lie

    We compiled Reconstruction-era documents to identify Black Americans given land as reparations only to have it returned to their enslavers.

  • The Conversion Therapist Will See You Now

    The counselors once discredited for their “ex-gay” theories have rebranded. And now they’re coming after trans kids.

  • Raging Bull

    Donald Trump’s pugilistic spokesman has taken campaigning to a whole new level of low.

  • The Gift of Time

    In print, in radio, in film—we go deep to bring you the truth.

  • The Fast and the Spurious

    Ohio GOP Senate hopeful Bernie Moreno built an empire selling cars—and stiffing workers.

  • White Man’s Burden

    Who is behind the assault on a Biden policy embracing Native knowledge?

  • Church and Statehood

    A new Puerto Rican political party puts faith before status.

  • The Good Wife

    Trad wife influencers may seem harmless—but…

  • Genocide

    Israel’s founding and the term “genocide” have lessons for today.

  • Data Blockers

    How overturning Roe sabotaged science.

  • Growing Pains

    Why are governors rejecting funds for kids’ summer meals?