Re: High-Tech Melting Pot
August 24, 1998

Why not train U.S. personnel who are acclimated to American corporate culture and who desperately need jobs/opportunities? I can’t understand why we would make such an effort to import talent rather than build on what we have here. [Not only are U.S. jobs going overseas, but we are hurting our domestic workforce by importing talent.] Perhaps someone ought to be developing technical training programs instead of immigrant assimilation programs. I think that the American workforce and American businesses are being shortchanged in this shortsighted approach to the “bottom line.”

Ed Botsko

High-Tech Melting Pot
August 6, 1998

I was a graduate student in an American university for five years before entering the workforce. For people like me, adjusting is far easier than for those who come directly from India to work here. Basketball/football games in college, association with an American host family, dealing with American professors/students—all of these help [facilitate the] assimilation process.

I would like to point out the “un-American” corporate culture that exists in U.S. companies where Indians are a majority. At job interviews I received more respect from American employees than from Indian employees. In such companies, where foreigners outnumber Americans, the American corporate culture is absent. Employees address their superiors as “Mr. Gupta” or “Dr. Gupta.” My current company is one such example. My boss (an Indian) sometimes asks our secretary to go to Burger King and get a sandwich for him!!

This is all very ridiculous. Yes, I am looking for a new job where the corporate culture is very much American. I’d rather work for an American boss than an Indian boss any day.

Prabhu Manyem
Cupertino, Calif.

Where’s the Beef?
August 18, 1998

Come on guys, I was so eager to read your cover story article on Rupert Murdoch. Are you so unorganized that you do not see the error of your ways? If your editor appears on C-SPAN, you can be sure you will have increased traffic to your site for that article. So, where is it? You also don’t provide new surfers an idea of how to find the article. Your Web site needs improvement. (Ed. Note: Hereit is!)

Loved the Midwife Article
August 20,1998

I had my three kids at home with a midwife. From my experience I’d say that the difference between hospital birth and home birth is like the difference between rape and making love.

Laura Goodwin

And the standard “I hate you” e-mail:

Congressional Majority
August 23, 1998

So, you lefty/socialist/redistributionist dupes, what is your alternative to the Republican congressional leaders? Can you, even in your most fevered liberal dreams, honestly say that Charles Rangel as head of the Ways and Means Committee, John Conyers as head of the Judiciary Committee, or Nostrils Waxman as head of the Oversight Committee would be preferable?

You and your ilk have a perfect opportunity. Russia is falling apart. The poor people there might just welcome a return to despotic, totalitarian communism. They don’t seem to be able to handle a whole lot of freedom. I’m sure we could get up a fund to buy all you guys a one-way ticket to Moscow. You can take the congressional Democrats with you and redistribute nothing.

Here’s looking forward to a veto-proof majority in ’98.

Mark North