Sahara War!

North Africa’s Forgotten War”

The Spanish are, in some way, to be held accountable for the atrocities of these people in the Western Sahara. How can they literally dump a colony, wipe their hands, and have a resort colony off the coast of Western Sahara and not be held responsible for what Morocco has done to the people of this land?

A disgusted
Mike Depaz

Arms in Action

Action Atlas: U.S. Arms Sales

Just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent Web site. Wonderful! Thank you!

Christine Sartor

The articles do not pinpoint the U.S. as the #1 manufacturer and seller of arms, greater, I believe, than Europe’s arms companies combined. What are the stats?

Carole Tootill

Editor’s Note: In 1996 (the most recent year for which figures are available), the United States commanded a whopping 55 percent market-share of the world’s arms exports. This is up from a mere 24 percent in 1984.

Kosovo, Anyone?

Snap Poll

The answer “dark green” blends perfectly with the adjoining brown — so much so that I had to search quite a while to find it after being told that dark green is the answer. Not seeing the dark green section, I chose the light blue one below.

The invisibility of dark green invalidated my ballot.

Armand Masse

The only reason I guessed the right “color” was because you give away the answer by having Albania listed. Since the rebels are closer to Albanians than Serbians, and since NPR keeps reiterating this fact every five minutes on the news, it wasn’t that hard to guess. If you want to make the poll more challenging, remove Albania’s name from the listed countries and have it be a “colored” option.

Just a suggestion,
Hunter Russell

I was wondering if your little vote on where Kosovo is had the same reply for everyone. I selected dark green (by guessing — I don’t have a world map handy) and got chastised for “choosing Bosnia” and told the correct answer was dark green…which I had selected. Now, unless I accidentally hit the wrong little button, and didn’t notice before I voted, there may be a bug.

Whatever. I would also recommend, next time you try something like this, that you use a bigger map. The region that used to be Yugoslavia has been infamous as a strife-torn area since the days of Rome. The Republic of Rome.

Patrick Chester