The Destruction of Symbolism

The Symbolism of Destruction

I would like to inform you about one — in my opinion very important –fact. Mr. Milosevic is, besides many other things, an anti-Christian. He was not baptized, he never entered any church, and he never built or helped build any church. The churches and monasteries in Kosovo were built from the 8th century to the 19th century. The only one built within the last 10 years, which was destroyed a couple days ago, has nothing to do with Mr. Milosevic or his help.

Best regards,
Dr. Ljiljana Krstic
Churches and mosques are symbols of destruction, so these acts come as no surprise.

The violence in the Balkans and virtually everywhere else is rooted, ultimately, in the dominance of patriarchal, hate-based political ideologies masquerading as religions. Whether he is called Yahweh, Allah, or God the Father, the male sky god condones the enslavement of women and animals and the violent subjugation of the earth, not to mention holy wars against men of other faiths. Despite the misguided efforts of recent revisionists to cover up the violence at the heart of these religions by cleaning up the language of the holy books, the fact that these holy books are, in fact, hate literature is clear to anyone who dares to read what the founders of these religions really wrote. So, one hate-based organization is destroying the symbols of a slightly different hate-based organization — and this is bad because … ?

It’s bad because innocents are hurt along the way. As usual, the sons of God are squabbling over their inheritance and, as usual, the rest of us pay the price. Let’s condemn the violence, yes, but let’s not condone the ideologies that are at its heart by pretending that symbols of hate-based faiths deserve pious respect.

Pattrice le-Muire Jones

KFOR: “Making progress” in Kosovo?

The MoJo Wire’s Kosovo Coverage

Hello Editor,

The commander of KFOR said they have made progress. Yes, they have made progress. All the Serbs are ethnically cleansed. Clinton and Albright have succeeded in ethnically cleansing Serbs from Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo. All the Serbs are in Serbia and they live in a polluted environment — air, water, and soil — because of bombing and depleted uranium.

I don’t know what to say about the US policy toward the Serbs. Clinton and Albright and probably someone behind the scenes decided to destroy this nation. They deserve to be prosecuted in the Hague, but Arbour is their follower and nothing will happen. No other nation in the world has been punished like Serbia — and only because they wanted to stay on their own land.

Thank you,
R. Vujosevic

One Woodstock enough for this reader

The Woodstock ’99 Diaries

I just finished reading your Woodstock ’99 article and I found it to be quite humorous and written from the same perspective I saw Woodstock in. My friend and I decided to drive in her car for 8 hours to Woodstock ’99. It was all very exciting until we actually were on the grounds themselves. It wasn’t until that point that we realized what we had gotten ourselves into. I just want to let you know that I agree completely with everything in your article. We also decided to get the hell out of there around midnight Sunday and drove straight home back to Michigan. The four-day ordeal was filled with a lot of fun and good memories, not to mention a whole bunch of naked people. I am glad I went, but that was the first and last time I will ever attend an event like that. Once in a lifetime is good enough for me. Thank you.

Patrice Plungis
(Survivor of Woodstock ’99)

KPFA not legitimately for sale

Poll question on KPFA/Pacifica

Last week, you posed a question to your Web readers:

What do you think really explains the changes the Pacifica Foundation has initiated in the past few months at its oldest station, KPFA in Berkeley?

I am not sure I find any of the given answers satisfying.

The proposed sale of KPFA has now been verified from several sources, making that the only correct answer. But it doesn’t tell the whole story. Selling a listener-supported radio station on the open market is nothing less than theft, isn’t it? It simply isn’t theirs to sell. But they’re doing it anyway.

The only issues left to discuss are those of naked greed and theft. Greed, because it is a frequency that reaches a large and concentrated population, and theft, because Pacifica is selling something that isn’t theirs. Ms. Berry should be jailed as a common criminal, and so should the board she represents.

Paul King