Reader: Timor’s independence will lead to bloodshed

The Struggle for East Timor


1. The Timorese, given their history with Portugal (a brutal colonialist) and World War II’s brutal guerrilla war in which a different life style developed, have trouble agreeing with themselves, let alone anyone else.

2. Comparable with the experience of people in Watts, USA, many in East Timor want out of any country they are in. To support the breakup of Indonesia would be comparable to supporting the breakup of the United States. The breakup of any country does not necessarily further the civil rights of anyone, especially if that break-up is tied to some fundamentalist notion. If Timor breaks away, look for massive violence throughout Indonesia as each tiny group “grabs” its “own” territory .

3. The Timorese, the Ambon, and the people of Aceh have always been the most warlike of the peoples of Indonesia. Christian and Moslem fundamentalists do not bode well for human rights.

4. I do not know of a single Indonesian leader, Megawati included, who could ever permit the breakup of Indonesia, including Timor. But if any could be found, and Timor was cut free, that would not be the end of it. The Timorese will kill each other and others until few are left UNLESS the world recognizes the problem and stops promoting bloodshed in the name of independence for every ethnic group in the world. Down with ethnic cleansing!!!! That is the issue here.

David Patten


Reader: Same-sex marriage not “normal”

Wedding Jitters

“Normalizing” same-sex marriage. What’s next, Pedophilia is no longer a crime but merely a “life experience” that children should be exposed to? This attack on the very heart of what constitutes a Covenant with God is one more attempt to tear at the very moral fabric that this country was founded upon.

There is no bigger purpose in writing to you than merely to assuage my deep sorrow in the amoral direction this country is heading.

Bob Sweeney


Readers still pissed about Shell ads

Shell Ads on the MoJo Wire

Not gonna print any of the negative feedback about Shell banner ads? I’ve told everyone I know about your decision. We all find it disgusting. Your reputation is in the balance.

Kerri Covey

(Ed note: We have printed numerous letters from readers expressing their outrage over our decision to run the ads. See the previous month’s letters sections.)


Proves everyone (and every Web site) has a price they will accept to close their eyes.


David Martin